Newspaper is a popular printing that addresses a large audience statewide, nationwide or worldwide. One of the many sections in the newspaper includes classifieds. The classifieds section is a point of reference for many people with different needs. Some of the common categories found in the section include buy or sell of property and automobiles, job advertisement, business for sale, offer of various services and sale of products. Newspaper sales are also boosted thanks to this useful section. How then, can you fully utilize newspaper classified advertising to reach your potential customers, clients or job seekers?

(1) Sifting through your advertisement should be easy. The title and font for your banner headline and content should be easily noticeable. The reason advertisements are listed in “classes” (giving rise to the term classified) is because readers will browse through the category that matches their need and literally scan through the list for content that appeals to them.

(2) Keep your advert general and straightforward. Bear in mind that most newspapers contain mainstream-like news and will be read by people from all walks of life. The demographic background of your potential customers is also an important factor to consider. Some newspapers are only circulated in certain areas. Don’t make the mistake of advertising irrelevant and out-of-reach product or service that is not accessible to the local community.

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