Although the picture is about relaxing and watching TV, the reality is that the last weeks are very busy for me. And the title is such because today I finally received encouraging news :)

a television is pivotal in keeping the citizens of a country abreast with on goings in the society. Learning news becomes more fun when you can see the person casting the news to you from your screen than when you have to read it all up in the newspaper. A newspaper is good, sure it is. However, when it comes to delivering news, the television easily one-ups it. For the most regularly-produced newspapers, new editions are released every morning. What happens if there is urgent breaking news before the next issue is released? Well, leave it to the television to tell moment-by-moment of the most recent breaking news.

Moreover, if there is a message or a grievance one needs to air, and such a person needs a tidy number in audience, the television is the best bet. It would have been the computer, but there are still many places on earth today without internet connection. Besides, information passed on television is more reliable because the T.V. stations are held accountable for whatever they air. Thus, they are prone to investigate information before airing in order for them not to lose followership or face sanctions, whereas every Tom, Dick, and Harry can easily begin a rumour on the internet, which can be spread without the story being investigated to be true.

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